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Battery Lithium Pylontech 2.4kw

The photovoltaic energy storage system from Pylontech with ultra-long cycle life is
designed for daily discharge scenario. Based on LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery configured 
with BMS (Battery Management System) , the system provides different level of configuration and 
protection such as anti-reverse, anti-short circuit, high/low voltage, high/low temperature protection
 to ensure the highest safety standard.

 Nominal Parameters
Voltage(V) 48
Capacity(Ah) 50
Capacity(Wh) 2400
size= Height132(3U)Length 336Width 370
Weight= 27kg
Expected Life =10 years 

Communication Parameters
Network Interface RS232
Communication Protocols YD/T 136

DOD/Cycle life 20%=12000,  50% = 6000,  80%= 4150,  100%=3000 
5yr warranty

This is a much better and cheaper option than a tesla power wall ,or enphase options

Battery Lithium Pylontech 2.4kw

$2,190.00 Regular Price
$1,752.00Sale Price