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Batterie Off-Grid/Hybrid solar 

      Battery and storage is a big investment 

I Rod  The owner and installer of  "Twin solar" am a big beliver when doing batteries "buy once cry once" .

 The meaning of this comment is buy quality cry $ . Then  Never cry again because it just works ! 

The main reasons I Rod recommend  the packages of the big 3 ( SELECTRONIC - POWER PLUS -FRONIUS)

  • Can i expand the system "YES ! "

  • Do they repair the system in australia (yes its made here in Melbourne ""YES ! "

  • Can i have 20kw or more of solar "YES ! "

  • Can i use a generator to charge in an emergency "YES ! "

  • AC coupled ("YES ! " 20- 30 % more efficient )

  • Add batteries cheap ( "YES ! "NO TOOLS NEEDED  just plugs then reprogram all done 

  • Can i live off grid if needed "YES ! "

  • Limit to how big my system is NO just budget $$

  • Works with batteries from car ,truck ,home,all chemical types  "YES ! 

  • One batterie fails do the others keep working  "YES"

  • Selectronic made in "Australia"   Power Plus ="Australia"  Fronius="Austria "

  • What do i have on my home SELECTRONIC 

Above  are the biggest reasons why i only recommend SELECTRONIC  . honestly these system are made like everything was in the 70 s - 80's made to last and fix . nothing is thrown away .(to be honest they where enginering this in the 90's with the brain of the 70's  

The last model of selectronic about 20 years old did not even know lithium batteries existed .  SELECTRONIC know makes a Board to be replaced for around $500.  The old inverter works the same as the current model with every new battery on the market.

This proves 2 things 1

  1. .Quality long lasting products

  2. Dedication to power supply to customers  

You need to think of batterie systems like they are the car .

The "CAR"  is the = Inverter

The "Fuel"  is the =  Battery  

Selectronic is the mack truck .. all the others are a mini copper made in china

Your inverter needs to pull your whole house power!  what would you use ? ? ? 


Selectronic is the only product sold in the solar industrie. 

I Rod can honestly say Selectronic is made to out last everything else 

"Many More variations  Available Please call Rod 0421 471 617 "

"To be told the truth call me" 

"I only want to come to your home if you are serious about quality batteries"  

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