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About our Solar options for your hot water!


             When it comes to water heating there are a few options on the market ,the best option is self consumption controller .

Self consumption controller :-. This devices is only a relatively new device available .It is installed in conjunction to your standard electric hot water unit . It works buy putting extra solar power into your hot water first, Once your hot water is full power then gets  diverted  to the grid for sale . priority  function is below:-

  1. ​supply home appliance solar first 

  2. remaining solar  heats the hot water 

  3. once hot water is full diverter excess to the grid 

it is looking at your consumption multiple times a second to diverter the power correctly for maximum savings 

There also is a boost button if you use a lot of hot water

Solar systems create power even on cloudy days so this device actually works better than a conventional solar water heater.Because solar water heaters work on heat on cold days solar power is actually better 

Advantages :-

  • Cheaper for install 

  • solar system can be used for more than one function 

  • longer lasting 

  • easily adaptable for an existing home 

              These items are generally are supplied & installed for $600 but rod has made it available for a reduced cost to all solar systems installed (special pricing on this product $400 installed with a solar system)


Instantaneous gas :- This is only useful if you have town gas or are a very low hot water user)

Instantaneous Electric:-Is a very expensive form of water heating and for off grid users a very bad option 

Solar storage and electric back up :- This works great but has a very high install cost  between $2000 - $6500  

Heat Pump:- These are a very expensive and also have a high maintenance cost

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